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martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes

They are so nice and lovely to eat and look. Lots of colors looks like real cupcakes! I'ts not very hard to do but lets go!
Today I saw something that suprised me, the cookie Press ! Wilton

The Cookie Press

You can do fantastic shapes with cookie pastry, like flowers, hearts, for just 13.20$ In the Wilton shop that the link is down! :D


RainBow CupCakes

Well if you now how to do the normal Yellow cupcakes you just need tobuy color food and had in different cups, some of the pastry; Then add differents colors in each, later you just need to put 1 spoon of each of the pastry in the baking cupcakes and done! 180  degrees . For 15 min.! mmmm... Cute!

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