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lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Easy Bites: Blackberry Pie

Old Grandma Blackberry Pie! Welcome again to the site!!! We  have a new thing: It's called Easy Bites, It's many very very easy and nice recipes. The product of the day is...

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Blackberry Pie Recipe

  • Preparation Time: 150min
  • Portions: 4
5 eggs
60grs marzipan dough
50grs of sugar
Pinch of salt
1tbsp of rum
40grs of flower
40grs of cocoa
80grs of toasted almonds
50grs of butter (for the mold)
Covering250grs of Red Currant
500grs blackberries
250grs raspberries
8 spoons of Jell-O
450grs of blackberry Jam
PreparationCombine the marzipan dough, sugar, salt and rum together with 1tbsp of water. Whip the egg yokes and the egg whites and mix together with the dough. Mix the flower and cocoa together with the toasted almonds. Butter the cooking pan and place the dough in the preheated oven for 35min at 175 Celsius. Let it cool off. Moisturize the jell-O. Boil the blackberry jam and heat up the Jell-O. Leave this cooling off. Withdraw the cake from the mold and cover it in jam. On top of this place all of your berries, and make a second layer with the rest of your jell-o jam. This cake must cool off in the freezer for 1hr.

See ya later Bye ! x :D

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